Plettenberg: Robberg Nature Reserve

Hello to the traveladdicts out there!

After our great white shark diving adventure, we headed further east along the coast until we finally reached Plettenberg Bay. Continue reading “Plettenberg: Robberg Nature Reserve”


Capetown: Sunset on Signal Hill

It looks so romantic, doesn’t it?!

It can be! If you don’t head out to the exact same spot everyone else is going to. Including tour busses and what not. This particular area is indeed good for watching the sun set but it’s overly crowded – even off season. Continue reading “Capetown: Sunset on Signal Hill”

Gaansbai: Cage Diving

Good morning, loves!

I’ve been wide awake since early in the a.m. even though I don’t have to work today. I’m up early because I really like the mornings – it’s my time to be creative and get things done.

That’s why I didn’t mind getting up early (at 4:00 a.m.!) to make our way from Capetown to Plettenberg Bay. Altogether, it’s a drive of about 375 miles that can be mastered in 7 hours. So why did we get up that early?!
We stopped in Gaansbai for a Great White Cage Diving Experience!! Continue reading “Gaansbai: Cage Diving”

Texas Hill Country

Hey guys! This is a little “Throw-Back” on this beautiful Thursday on my short visit to the Texas Hill Country back in 2013. Sure, that seems like a lifetime ago but at the rate things change in the Hill Country I doubt it’s much different today as it was then. Correct me if I’m wrong! Fredericksburg is a small town located between San Antonio and … Continue reading Texas Hill Country

Wine Tasting in South Africa

On our third day in South Africa, our host and tour guide Thomas takes us all the way to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to try several wines and do an ice cream tasting.

The actual tour consists of only wine tastings but I’m afraid I’ll be drunk by noon and ask him to replace one winery with something else. And if you know me just a little, you also know how super friggin happy I am about the ice cream choice! Continue reading “Wine Tasting in South Africa”

Capetown: Table Mountain

Our second day in South Africa is rather cloudy, the wind blows, and it’s actually quite chilly. Nevertheless, we want to stick to our plan and visit Table Mountain – which turns out as a great desicion as it clears up throughout the day!

At 9:00a.m. we take the cable car uphill. Despite of what I previously read, the wait isn’t long at all. 15 minutes tops. There are two cable cars that each fit up to 65 people (depending on the weight). You can even purchase tickets online to avoid long queues. Continue reading “Capetown: Table Mountain”