Capetown: Cape-Tour

Hello there loves,

the day after our amazing wine tour through Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, we feel like less drinking and more exploring.
That’s why we rent a car and head out to see the Cape Peninsula.


It’s our first time to drive on the left side of the road and AHHHHHH! it feels so weird! But we get used to it pretty soon as the roads are in good condition and the inhabitants actually follow the traffic laws (unlike in other places – Cambodia was horrible).

We drive south along Chapman’s Peak Drive, a scenic route that can be taken against payment of a R45 fee. We do a couple stops along our way as the view truly is beautiful. One of them at Nordhoek beach that looks so inviting that we can’t but hop out of the car and bury our feet in the white powdery sand.



After that we continue on further South to Capepoint and and climb the stairs to the light house. I’m in such pain as my muscles are still super sore from hiking down Table Mountain. But the view from up here is absolutely breathtaking – can’t deny that! It’s just wayyyyy too crowded. So many tourist. Every other person is speaking German. And it’s not even peak season!!
Bummed we make our way down and head to the famous sign reading “Cape of Good Hope – The most south-western point on the African continent”. After we’ve taken the obligatory picture, we escape from the touri-hot-spots to a more peaceful part of the national park. We walk along and over the dunes and suddenly find ourselves face to face with a wild ostrich. He frowns at us – I swear, if looks could kill!! – and makes us walk away as fast as we can without running.



Next stop on our Cape-tour: Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town.

Nestled behind granite boulders protecting the bay from waves and currents this beach is the perfect swimming spot for children – and penguins. I knew what to expect but these little fellas still amaze me.


The hundreds and hundreds of penguins and some sassy dassies along the beach… So stinkin cute!!

All of you who have a little more time than us should probably stop at Hout Bay (beautiful from what we’ve seen when we drove by) and Muizenberg (to go for a swim).


We meet up with some friends for supper at the Africa Café (make reservations in advance!) which strikes us as kind of expensive before we get our food. Jeez!! There’s so much and you can ask for seconds and thirds! They serve us:

Moroccan Broccoli Salad: Crunchy raw broccoli, roasted flaked almonds with cashew nut mayonnaise
Botswana Seswaa Masala: Lean, succulent, medium strength Springbok curry
Tanzanian Sesame Chicken Kebabs: Xhosa staple food of dried white corn and beans cooked in a secret gravy recipe
Ethiopean Coconut Curry Dip:Delightful blend of red pepper, sun-dried tomato, coconut milk, honey & spices
Soweto Spicy Chicken Drumsticks:Dusted with our special blend of spices
Africa Café Butternut & Leek bake:Vegetable Bake, layered with caramelized onion and topped with sunflower-seed crust
Senegali Stuffed Papaya:Scooped out papaya with savoury rice & sweet red pepper relish
Congo Salad:Fresh vegetables & seasonal fruits with a danja and orange dressing
Kenyan Channa Fish:Hake dusted with chick-pea flour and fried
Ethiopian Lab:White curd cheese with fresh herbs

We treat ourselves to a yummy dessert and a couple cocktails while the staff sings à cappella to the beat of the drums. Eventually we ask for the bill (about R900 for Tristan and me including drinks and tips) and go back to our Airbnb – stuffed and satisfied – to get a good night’s sleep.
Tomorrow, we start our big road trip (/african adventure) and if it wasn’t for the exhaustion from all the experiences we’ve made so far and from all the good food, we wouldn’t get any sleep at all. That’s how excited we are to see more of this beautiful country.

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