Before you head off to Asia:

Hello there, adventurous people! Every vacation can easily turn into a nightmare if you come completely unprepared. In my case, there really wasn’t a lot I could do… I had twisted my ankle halway through Cambodia and had to have it checked by a doctor because it kept swelling and swelling. Or rather doctors… Plural. Yepp… The first doctor I went to for medical advice was out of … Continue reading Before you head off to Asia:

Koh Rong Samloem

8:30 a.m.: For only $5, a minivan takes us from Kampot to Sihanoukville. It’s not long of a drive and the minivan isn’t completely crowded for a change. In Sihanoukville, we buy tickets for the ferry to Koh Rong Samloem.
The speed boat needs 45 minutes ($20); the waves make me sea sick pretty soon. Tristan leans his head onto the seat in front of him and I think he’s about to throw up. At least, that’s what I feel like doing any minute. But then I realize that he’s ASLEEP! His head bouncing from left to the right with each wave we take. How can someone sleep like that??

As soon as I spot the 2.5 mile white sand Saracen Bay, I know I’d take that hell of a boat ride again any time… This must be paradise! Continue reading “Koh Rong Samloem”

Sihanouk Ville: Meeting Khmer Cops

We get to Sihanouk Ville on a Saturday. Good for us because tonight is some kind of hippie-festival or -market or -gettogether. Whatever it is (<>), at a little lake are lots of little shops and stands where handmade clothes, jewelry and other things are sold. The place is packed with european hippies eating burgers, BBQ, waffles, and space cookies. Even a tattoo artist performs his work on several very brave tourists. I’ll pass on this one…
We take a look at everything, then sit down in front of the stage where Theresa sings her songs. I like her music a lot and am so in trance that I don’t notice right away how everybody else gets all stiff around me. A tarantula briskly crawls through the crowd. It takes about one minute until someone catches it and takes it away. Hopefully not into the next frying pan…
When Theresa is done I buy her CS for $5 and we go back to our little Bungalow complex “Little Moorea” on the Otres Beach ($10/night for fan/mosquito net/shared shower).
Sihanouk Ville has several beaches; this one is located about 2 miles from downtown and, therefore, free of partying tourists. Nevertheless, it offers a lot. There’s plenty of bars and restaurants. One look into their menu tells us more than we need to know about Sihanouk Ville. This place doesn’t only have good food but the menu also offers mushroom shakes and happy pizza. “Add wheat grass to your shake for $2,50. Wheat grass strengthens mind and body“, it reads. Well, Sihanouk Ville is indeed famous for its parties. Our pancakes with Nutella taste good. Even though they are drug free. Continue reading “Sihanouk Ville: Meeting Khmer Cops”

Kampot Restaurant Recommendations

Hello there, I already told you about the delicious fish and crabs at the Kep Crab Market. So, you should definitely try that at least once while you are in the Kampot/Kep area! But there’s a few really neat places in Kampot directly that are worth a visit, too: We find the Rikitikitavi on a walk along the riverside. It’s mentioned in our travel guide … Continue reading Kampot Restaurant Recommendations